Dealing with Physical Pain.

I can certainly empathize with those who have chronic pain, for I am one of those who know it well.
It is difficult, to say the least, to endure pain each and every day, constantly, all the while dealing with the daily duties of life. Mopping floors, vacuuming, reaching up, bending down, picking up whatever may have fallen to the floor, getting into and out of bed, and even sitting. Snow-shoveling is out of the question. My back and legs has been blessed with stenosis, dessication, scoliosis, disc problems, muscle fibrosis, severe spasms, osteoarthritis, a muscle tear, you name it, I probably have it. But I go on daily with this life, and do not feel sorry for my self.
Over the counter pain medication alone really does not help to minimize this pain, which at times, is bone-deep and muscle wracking. I have a prescription opiate which I try to use minimally, combining it with acetominophen and later in the day, take ibuprophen. This combination seems to work well enough to minimize the pain so that it is endurable for most of the day. I also take these before bedtime, often combining them with my friend, the ice-pack.
Recently, I decided to purchase a mattress topper…a two inch thickness of polyeurothane foam under my body. So far, so good. I am sleeping more restfully and for a longer time. I am concluding it was a good investment.
I have also found the back brace that was given to me after back surgery about 10 years ago…It assists my posture when I am sitting or standing, and I have also worn it to bed on occasion. I welcome its use.
Once when having physical therapy, some years ago, the therapist and I were talking about the “old wives tale” of when before a storm our joints hurt and swell. Is it true?, I asked. What the physical therapists are taught is that when the barometric pressure falls, the fluid between our joints expands in their limited spaces placing pressure upon the joints, causing discomfort. So that “old wives tale” has been proven true. I know it well every time that barometric pressure is falling. I don’t really need to have the weather people to tell me a storm is on the way.
Whether the muscle tear of my hamstring ever heals or not, I have reduced the discomfort with this last physical therapy session of many weeks. Somehow there was not any co-payment for the group which I attended, otherwise, I would not have been able to afford the treatment.
I can empathize with others with this, as many people just cannot afford the co-payment and go without the needed physical therapy and thus have a very slim chance of improvement of their pain. I feel fortunate for finding this PT group which is not far from my home.
I will probably never be fully pain free, but as long as I have less pain, and I can control the level of this pain, I will be satisfied, and, as I said, I will feel fortunate for what I have.


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