Tempus Fugit




The Question of Time


Time flies. Time is of the essence. There isn’t enough time in a day. Once upon a time. Starting time. Morning time. Noon time.  Evening time. Night time. Time to go to bed. Time to get up. Time to go. Time to leave. Time to eat. Time to shower. Time to dress.  Time to go to school. Class time. Time for recess. Time to work. Time to take a nap.  Play time. Time to get moving.  One time. Every time. Each time.  Multiple times. First time. Last time. All the time. Now is the time. Time becomes you. The ravages of time. Travel time. Estimated time of arrival. What is the time? Before time. The beginning of time. The end of time. The time of day. The time of the month. That time of the year. Time to sow. Time to reap.  Time of gestation. Time of birth. Time of death. Time to be born, time to die. Time to love. Time to forgive. Times of  wonder. Opening time. Matinee time. Closing time.  Now is the hour (of time). Every minute of time. Each second of time.  At the present time. Enough time. Next time. Running out of time. For the time being. Co-ordinating time. In ancient times. In pre-historic times. The ages of time. Big time. The cycles of time.

Thinking about all this has set me to wondering about time big time.

What is time? Would time exist if there were no humans to count it?  Is time only a human perception?  Why does time exist?   How long is it?  The first chapter of the first book of Genesis speaks of time, but how can it be earth time when the  verse states earth was not created until the third day of this time? Is this the tranlation from ancient Greek? Or is it from the ancient Aramaic? Are these translations from different times correct and in agreeement? So what about time? Does it even  have length? And then, what is length but a human concept? Would humans  even exist without it?

Time co-exists with space. Without space, it is said time would not exist. Scientists “discover” planets, suns, and solar systems millions  and billions of light years in time away from our earth. But what does that mean? It means that light travels a certain distance in a certain time. At 186,000 miles per second of earth time.  The light from our earth’s sun takes eight minues to reach us on earth. This means that the scientists are looking back in time, and that what they are seeing may not exist at the present time. There may be nothing out there now. When the peoples of ancient times saw a very large super-nova were they actually seeing the Big Bang?  If those far-out in time suns, planets, and solar systems are not there now, what is happening to our solar sysem? Is it now running  out of time? Is humanity running ourt of time? Is destruction inevitable? Will there be a re-birth of time? Can there be there any such thing? Would this be one of the seven layers of re-incarnation in the Occidental beliefs? Would this be human transmutation?Transmorphogenation? Would we all become one mass of gas in a void of space without time?  I wonder what this mass of  gas would be named? Would it be named at all? Would we even know or care?

I think it is time for me to stop thinking about time for the time being. You think about time for a time.


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