Discrimination Today in the USA

I have decided that discrimination is alive and well in the USA. Let me tell you why I believe this is so. We have just had over a year of inflammatory, judgemental finger-pointing in our election process, state and national elections. It has been dirty politics, each contender trying to make us–the voters–believe one is superior to the other. One thing is sure. There are those in office everywhere who certainly believe in male superiority over females. Today there are fewer of those discriminatory office-holders than there were on last Monday. Or at least it will be so when the newly elected take their places in their offices on January first, 2013.

Women are frankly sick and tired of being second to men. We have discovered we have rights and have voted many of those office holders who believe in suppressing women OUT, and have replaced them with people who do believe in equal rights–from the bedroom to the boardroom. The last century saw many advances in women’s rights. This century will see many more. We refuse to be held down, our opinions disregarded, our bodies beaten, our brains washed by men who believe they are superior to women. Am I equal to a man or am I inferior to him? Just try to strike me one more time…and you will see my rage.

In fact, I believe we saw a lot of women’s rage in this 2012 election. Rage over being told that rape isn’t rape, pregnancies begot by rape should never be terminated, and in fact termination of any kind should be outlawed. If that happens, out come the coat hangers and knitting needles once more. More illegal terminations, more deaths via infection and shock-trauma, more women so injured internally that child-bearing would be impossible. Who the hell are you men telling us what we women can do with our bodies? You are part and parcel of the problem now. You get your partner, who trusted you, pregnant and then walk away from her and the child. That says much about your integrity and values. So…all she was was just a fuck to you, and you don’t give a damn, really? And now you call her a “pig, “whore,” “slut,” and never take responsibility for your child. Oh, your famous excuse: “She was screwing other guys, and I don’t think I am the father.” Well, then, get a DNA test done, Casanova!  Am I being sarcastic? Yes, and plenty sarcastic! I am for birth control for every women who desires it (from 14 on up without parental permission. Just facing the reality of active sexuallity in the young, folks).

The Christian Coalition Right–far, far right, really, is now staunchly behind the Republican Party, that Grand Old Party of yore (source: PBS special documentary). It is advocating discrimination of women. It is advocating that men are superior to women. It is advocating that their group is superior to any other Christian (or other) group. Now that black-white discrimination is mostly in our past, we have veered into another kind of discrimination. That of I am better than  you are. I am superior to you and you are inferior to me. Very backward thinking. this was what women fought against when we fought for the right to vote. When we fought for the right to have birth control. When we fought for the right to have terminations, when we fought for the right to own our own property, to be ourselves, and not a slave to man’s wants and domination, and continue to fight for equal wages for equal work. We are individuals in our own right, and we demand to be treated as equals to men, in a true partnership, and not as an inferior to his supposed superiority.

I am fortunate that I live in the 21st century and not the 15th. I would then have been burned at the stake like Joan d’Arc for heresy. I was born on the anniversary of her death. I will cut my hair as I see fit, I will wear clothes which I like. I will have differing opinions from you. I will own my own property. I will own my own chamber-pot. I will have my own checking-savings account, I will have a say in our children’s upbringing, I will have control over my own body, I will have control over my pregnancies. I will look at you as my partner in life, unless you view yourself as superior and me as your inferior. If that happens, we are done.

Some things should never  become a political issue. We just voted to oust those who think these issues should be a political issue. I hope the next few years make a difference, and this type of discrimination finds its end. By the way, I am not some young chick fired up about all of this. I’m 77 and have seen much too much of this type of discrimination.


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