Tweaking Brains

Here I am, once again, ready to rattle the brains of those who will allow me to get in their brains and get their fancies tweaked.

By fancies, I mean anything which they have an opinion on and perhaps are extremely opinionated on, so much that they wear horse-blinders and cannot see anything which is to one side or the other. Just straight ahead, no looking anywhere else, up, down, left or right.

Hmm. Don’t look up, don’t see the clouds or the blue sky or the promise of a sunny or stormy day. Don’t look down, and somehow find yourself in that pothole in the road, or the big puddle of muddy water covering it, or maybe never see that rattlesnake waiting for a treat. Ugh. What a mess that would be, just because you were not looking ahead for hazards. Don’t look left or right, and miss a good turn toward an easier path to your goal. Plus, you miss a lot of nice scenery on the way. But you go on your course, straight ahead, because you feel that is the way and that is the ONLY way to arrive at your goal. No, ifs ands, or buts, about it. You know best, because the road ahead is the only road you see. So that is it, and you follow it. Your mind is made up with no reason behind your thinking. Has someone else convinced you this was the way to your goal? Was it a religion, politics,  educational institutions, culture? What do they base their tenets, beliefs and ethos upon? How do they know what IS right? How does anyone? Does it work for them while being respectful to others?  So perhaps with trepidation in your heart, you follow their plan for your own. You don’t look up, down, side to side or even think about taking off the blinders placed there by another. You miss many signs along the path, many places you could explore, to learn about and from, because your mind is now in a closet with the door shut tight, the light blocked out, and you think you are making an intelligent, rational decision for your self.

You may never realize that you’ve been HAD. Had by the choices and set-in-stone opinions of others. Do you realize what you are doing? I believe not.  If you did know, you wouldn’t be going down the road with blinders on in the first place. Just because someone told you something is true, does not make it so. Look at a map for example. How do you go from point A to point B? someone tells you this way, another tells you that way, and someone else says another way is the best. None of them are really wrong. But none of them are thoroughly right, either. You must examine the map and find YOUR best way to go on that road. If you do not do your own research (by looking at your map) you are not using your own mind to form your own decisions. YOU are allowing others to lead you to their goal, and not heading toward your own goal. You are actually following the others, allowing them to make your mind up for you, and when it begins to tweak your gut feelings, and makes your brain rattle, you don’t like it.

You realize something is wrong here. What? Well, you are allowing others to run your life by thinking for you, making decisions for you, making plans for you, and you are allowing your self to never see the many tremendous options you have in making your own decisions and choices in your own life for your own self. In order to find  your way on the road of life, you must learn think, and to explore our options. And these are many. Take off the blinders, see the pot-holes and the muddy puddles, the other wonderful side-paths to your goal, find the beauty of your life on the way.  But on the way, THINK. Then look at all sides, forward, backward, up, down, left and right. Inform yourself, learn from life, your self and others and then decide for your self which path you will take on the way. Above all, be respectful of others, even if you don’t agree with them.

Go for it.


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