The Shadow in Our Midst

Who Knows What Evil Lurks In The Minds Of Men?
The Shadow Knows. Hahahahaha!!!!
How many of my readers remember this radio program? The man with the powers to journey into the land of our shadows had studied the Mysteries in Tibet, allowed to be known to only a select few outsiders. I was fascinated by this program which dealt with the hidden aspect of man –the evil shadow of himself. It was a program of psychological delving into the darkness of man’s soul, the evil shadow, exposing it for what it is. All humans have a dark side, one that is  hidden from their own self. Denied , but running rampant with life itself.  The great psychoanalyst Carl Jung wrote extensively on his study of the shadow living within our selves. Although the Shadow in the program was the Good guy, conquering the evil of man throughout the earth, man’s actual shadow is something else.
You probably have heard someone say “So-and-so is a nice guy,” and then qualify it with “When he’s sober…” The shadow side is controlling that individual’s life. Some shadow’s are less evil than others, but, inevitably, evil. Serial killers and spree killers have shadows which are very black, and very evil.  You must have read or heard in the media, how intelligent Ted Bundy was, of John Wayne Gacy’s involvement with his community and church. How “The Birdman of Alcatraz” wrote the book on bird medicine. But–he told the parole board if he got out, there were “other people” he was waiting “to kill.”  The Catholic priests who molested the boys in their parishes. The boy scout leaders, youth leaders, teachers, nice next door neighbors, the loving grandfather, step-dad, sibling, father, uncles, cousins, mothers who kill their children. This is their shadow basking in the sunshine. Then we comment;  “But he/she is such a nice guy/gal!”

We do not know what lies down deep in the psyche of others until the sun casts the shadow long enough for the world to see. Other times, when the sun is directly over their heads, there is no shadow to see, but it is there, hidden under the facade goodness and righteousness and respectability, inside him, ready to show itself when the sun goes down and the shadows grow long. It is the father who molests his own children when he is drunk. It is the mother who is bipolar, not taking her medications, and murders her children. It is a teacher who has an affair with her young under-age student. It is the priest who molests his alter boys. A grandfather who molests his grand child. The good friend who has inserted himself into your life and is so good to your kids, building trust. You even have him baby-sit your kids.

Then it is happening to your children. These people know no personal boundaries, and do not respect any one else’s boundaries or society’s’ laws. There are no taboos, whether it be molestation, rape, murder, torture, thievery, scamming of others, bringing grief to others. Recently a man found his good friend molesting his little girl. She was not old enough to protect herself. The dad did it himself. He beat and killed the molester. He is not charged with any crime. He was protecting his daughter from harm. The so-called “friend” may have molested other little girls, who knows?

“Stranger Danger” is taught in most of our schools. We  teach our children to be wary of strangers. But we DON’T do the same concerning people who are members of our own families, friends and communities! THIS unfortunately is where the problem lies, not with strangers. Of course, sometimes it does occur. Just watch Nancy Grace.  But we must come to the realization that our children are in more danger of harm, sexually, psychologically, physically, mentally from people who are close to us in proximity in our families, communities, friends! Statistics are out there proving what I have related. I  will leave it to you to research the subject on-line. Start educating yourself today.

Who knows what evil lurks in the minds of men?

The shadow knows!!! Hahahahaha!!!!


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